Franko - leather manufacturer since 2013.

In our products, we combine state of the art laser cutting technologies with traditional methods of finishing and sewing leather items.

We don’t use machine stitching and textile elements - each item is hand-sewn only from genuine leather.

Keychains, bracelets, and wallets that we make are hand-treated with a wax coating right after being cut so as to later be painted and sewn with a saddle seam - one of the oldest and most reliable ways of making leather goods.

Our wallets are made out of Ukrainian, Turkish and Italian leather, 0.7-1.8 mm thick, belts are made from two different types of leather: unpressed 4 mm thick bulls leather for belts to be likely worn with jeans and 3.2-3.5 mm thick Italian vegetable tanned leather for office style belts.

Thanks to wax finishing and manual polishing, crust leather gets a bright texture and color. Since each piece of leather is unique by itself, additional finishing processes only emphasize its uniqueness.

“One master - one item type.” - has been our principle for all these years. Some bags consist of more than 100 parts hence our approach guarantees the highest accuracy, integrity, and true uniqueness of the item.

Given the number of processes we use in our work - waxing, painting, polishing, sewing - you can be sure that in addition to exceptional reliability and true naturalness, each thing from Franko is truly unique.

Franko can not be considered a big manufacturer because of the hand-made method of production. Purposefully preferring quality over quantity, we are rather a small studio that provides its customers with true reliability and uniqueness of each item.