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Franko leather bags.

We use full grain leather for our bags. Due to the fact that this skin has preserved top layer, every product has a unique look. Even the same model in the same color will not look like another one because our bags are made of the leather which has retained all marks and scars of the animal. This only emphasizes the fact that the product is made individually. It perfectly fits in the outdoor lifestyle.
Of course, we know that all products should be comfortable in everyday usage. Therefore, backpacks have easy accessible external pockets for keys etc. and internal for laptops up to 15-inch.
No compromises in terms of strength. All seams are made by hands, without the use of sewing machines. Thread used for stitching is wicker, waxed, 0.8 or 1 mm thick. All places with additional load in everyday use are stitched twice. We add extra strips of skin in handles to strengthen the product and make it feel more comfortable. All metal elements are made of thick wire and are strong enough to handle additional load through the day. Yes, good things have weight, but in this case it means that your clasp will not break when you travel.
Franko bags |