Franko belts in natural leather |


Franko leather Belts 


Each belt has its size and is regulated by the holes on which it is fastened. The buckle is sewn and cannot be removed or shifted, therefore it is very important to measure the size of the belt correctly. You need to put the belt on a flat surface, make sure it is not deformed and measure the distance from the tip of the buckle to the hole on which you fasten the belt. This is the size you need.
You will have 7 holes in the finished product. The size you have chosen will be the central one. So there will be 3 holes more on both sides for more comfortable regulating. 


We truly consider our belt to be a durable and long-served item. Therefore we use single-layer bull skin not less than 4mm thick. Each belt has a brass buckle with or without coating, depending on the model. The sign of a high-quality buckle is its weight. The quality buckle is usually heavy, so it’s simple and comfortable to fasten and enjoy it. 

Production process

We use a laser to cut each belt from a solid piece of bull skin. Due to this, we get precise sizes of all the details and neat look as a result. We also use laser to engrave patterns on our belts. Usually, we use quality and ecological “Fiebing’s” treats for the front, back, and sides of each belt. The buckle is sewn without the use of a sewing machine. Only two needles, wicker waxed thread, and hands. It’s always nice to know that it was a skilled master, not a soulless machine, who made a product you love.

Franko belts in natural leather |