Franko leather Wallets and Cardholders |


Wallets «FRANKO» and «Dead Horse» 

Usually we make our wallets in several sizes ( cardholder, small, medium, big).

For minimalism lovers we have cardholders which you can easily put in the pocket of a shirt or summer pants, so it will not cause discomfort. In cardholders in addition to plastic cards, placed on both sides, there is a pocket in between, where you can put some previously folded cash.

Small size wallet will be useful for those who don’t need to carry a lot of cash or cards, but still want to use a traditional, classic wallet. Of course, this size fits in all types of banknotes.

Medium size wallet has 6 card pockets and a comfortable cash compartment. This type is the most widespread in sizes and capabilities.

Big size is made for those who carry a significant amount of cash, notes or checks. Despite its capabilities this wallet still has comfortable for everyday use size and can be put in a pocket of jeans or jacket without problems.

All our products have been tested. They are durable and comfortable to use. 

Franko leather Wallets and Cardholders |